This page details some of the people that I have worked with over the last few years. You will find links to Websites, Myspace sites etc and details of the work that I have done with them - Look at it as my audio CV if you like;)  It's worth bearing in mind that much of the audio that is featured on the linked sites will have been ripped to MP3 by the clients so I can't guarantee the absolute quality of the samples. If you are considering working with me  and want to hear the actual CD tracks themselves I can put together a CD for you to hear them in their full glory. You only need to ask;)

Due to Stephen Fosters excellent support of local music many of the tracks recorded at Buzz4 have received generous radio airplay. Thanks  Foz.

Debs Warren

I have worked with Debs for many years and have had a major involvement in each of her 5 recordings.

Barefoot Barefoot is the latest release from Debs. An acoustic  album featuring guests from the Suffolk music scene. Most of the tracks were recorded here at buzz4 with the exception of several guitar tracks. These were recorded by Al Lindsay at his own studio based around Cubase exported and combined with the tracks produced here.
ElectrifyElectrify - the full on rock sound of DWB. Drums were recorded at a rehearsal studio in Ipswich and the rest of it was recorded, mixed and mastered back at our shiny new studio. The first album recorded here. 
AngelAngel - a 4 track EP the first recording with my new rig. Drums were recorded at the once magnificent guitar shop in Ipswich just after it closed :( The rest were done in our dining room / front room, Marshal cabs surrounded by sofa cushions - loadsa fun!
Captiv8Captiv8 with the original DWB lineup. Recorded at several local studios - one of which lost the original multi track recordings so we had to go with the rough session mixes for several of the songs. My first stab at mastering using a basic PC with basic plugins and woefully inadequate monitors Yikes!
indigoDeb's debut album recorded in our dining room on a Fostex DMT8VL. We managed to make our dining room look like an '80s synth with wires everywhere! Mixed straight onto a domestic CD burner - no automation, no recall of settings !
Was mastered by the great guy's at SRT in Cambridge, for more than I paid for the equipment to record it !
 You can check out more about Deb's work from the following sites:-

Louisa Gaylard

Louisa Gaylard -  Still a teenager but positively bursting with life, songs and talent. She came to Debs a couple of years ago for vocal tutoring and the confidence that has given her shines through both her live and studio performances.
Point?Louisa's first release hot off the press. It's being launched on Friday 16th November 2007. Louisa was great to work with, well prepared and knew exactly what she wanted. All tracks were recorded mixed and mastered here at buzz4 except for track 12 which was recorded at Northgate High school by her music teacher and mastered in with the rest of the tracks here. Yes Louisa is still at school - recording her first album whilst going through the pain of  GCSE's - rock on!
Hippy HillHippy Hill Louisa's demo EP. Recorded at various places including CSV Media, with Debs in her teaching studio and at home on Garage Band. All pulled together and mastered here at Buzz4.

Andy Copping

I've worked with Andy for a few years now. Initially as a session bass player on a couple of tracks he recorded at Gemini Studios, Ipswich, currently I'm helping him record some more fine songs. Andy pops in and out of the studio when the resources, energy and right musicians are at his disposal. It wont be long before he is releasing a fine album!

Stuarts Cafe

Stuarts cafe are the Orwell church's resident band and came to me to record a CD's worth of tracks. They wanted to capture the live feeling of the band playing together so I packed up my rig and set up a temporary studio in their church hall which is only a couple of hundred yards (and a few less metres;) from Buzz4. The whole lot was tracked in one day! The recordings were taken back to the studio for a nip and a tuck here and there and that was it for the editing. Mixed and mastered and banged out - bish bash bosh as the new gravy advert suggests!

There are a couple of tracks on the Church's website for download  here

The Floozies

I recorded the Floozies first album in a cold dark and damp rehearsal studio deep in the bowels of Ipswich;) "Sleazy" I think was the girls description! Nevertheless we had a fun but long day recording four great tracks. Mixed and mastered back in my dining room ( it was pre the studio being built). I finally realised that I had nailed the mix listening to the CD in a hire car on the way to a dull meeting in Brentwood. I nearly missed the exit from the A12!