Welcome to buzz4productions


I am assuming that you have arrived at his point in the weboshpere because you have either taken a card from me or been on myspace or have heard of me via a fellow musician etc and want more information about what I can do for you and your audio projects.

 I hope that you find the information that you want amongst the pages and that your visit has been worthwhile. If you need further information or indeed wish to discuss the possibility of working together then please do contact me.

My philosophy is this:

"Keep it simple, make it cost effective and do the right thing for the job at hand"


Buzz4productions  was initially set up to exclusively record and produce the works of Debs Warren including her band DWB and her solo acoustic works. Over the last year or so I have been approached by a number of other artistes asking me to record and produce their work too.

The success of these projects have led to the decision to expand the operation and I am now seeking the opportunity to work on other exciting projects large or small;)